Our training

We originally started our training a few months ago and then when it got time to sign up for a marathon, realized that there are no local ones in the heat of the summer (for good reason). We climbed up to our longest run of 16 miles. When we signed up for the Rock and Roll Savannah Marathon (November 8, 2014) we decided we could let up on the training a bit. We continued to run a couple miles a day a few times a week with longer runs on the weekends. Now that the race is 4 months away we have started our training schedule again, we are currently on our 3rd week of training. While we searched for the best training plan for us we wanted to find one that would adequately prepare us to safely run our first marathon, but was manageable enough for our busy schedules. We came across a training plan on fitsugar.com, the website recommends the following; “Before beginning this program, you should be running between three and four times a week for two to three miles on each run.” This sounded like the perfect plan for us to follow. While searching for a plan you have to remember that you are always going to have to tweak it along the way. There will be days when weather, busy schedules, or just life in general gets in the way. The important part is that you don’t let it slow you down, you just have to adjust and keep on runnin’. Below is a preview of the training program:




We generally follow the running recommended miles on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday and use Monday, Wednesday and Fridays as strength training, stretching or rest days (all of which are equally important as the run days!) We are so excited to share our journey with you. Please share any tips, tricks or ideas you have for us first-time-marathoners!


Katie and Haley


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